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Who I am is Howard Davidson, and what I do is make you money. Some people can bake, some people can play guitar. You will see no Howard Davidson guitar solos. There will be no Gâteau Howard Davidson. But I can play with marketing tools and whip up marketing concepts that drive customers with dollars in their pockets right to you. You can buy that other stuff at the mall.

Nor am I a one-hit wonder. I’ve been helping companies reach and engage customers for a long time. Not quite as far back as Der Bingle. Long enough that I was able convert from analog to digital advertising without a hitch – and know both.

Cooks have sous chefs and bands have studio musicians. I tackle my marketing challenges the same way. I assemble my team, do my research, and drive straight to the result. The proof is usually in the pudding. I’ve served as a marketing director or consultant for scores of ventures. Each time I build the brand, shape the message, and engage the target. For a wide range of clients, too, from military contractors to a college laundry service. My recent credits include working with GetResponse, iBasis, DentaQuest, Veloxity, Gemvara, and Metropolis Creative.

Just like any other artist, I have a point of view, and I’ll tell you about it. (Check out my blogs. I have my own brand to build, too.) I’ve always seen the world a little differently. Between sweet-talking and my own art education (BFA and MA from the Massachusetts College of Art), I learned how to cook up concepts out of words and pictures. You can order that up from me.

Other items on the set list: I love the Boston Marathon (on TV). I’m addicted to Starbucks (talk about ingredients!), but I’m even more impressed by how a commodity became a multinational brand – ask me how, and how I can set you on that course. And, even though I strongly believe what experience has taught me, I can riff if needed. (Metallica doing Abba’s “Dancing Queen”? It happened. Me riffing on David Ogilvy in a digital land. That, too. My clients say I have a knack for growing their businesses. That’s why I pull my gear together.

So, let’s talk marketing, or espresso, or dirty water, or baked beans. I promise when we do, you’ll sit down to a winning recipe.

Howard Davidson

Why Work With Me?


I’m Howard Davidson, based in Massachusetts; a marketing guy because I think marketing is fun. Because it is. You get to solve people’s problems and you don’t have to dig ditches. You can’t beat it.

I’ve been helping companies reach and engage customers since the days of floppy disks (I know you’ve seen one!). But I’m still hip to the cloud, the Internet of Things, and the new social tools.


The marketing fun starts with a strategy. Because what’s really fun for a company is generating revenue. I will help you identify your competitive advantage. Then I’ll figure how to do it – the right combination of advertising, social media, promotion, CRM, direct marketing, and the many other tools. It’s like playing Tetris with your brand – except when you put all the pieces together, your problems disappear! Maybe the L-piece is the competitive analysis I’ll perform for you. Maybe that Z- piece is the buyer persona I build. In the end, I have fun – and you score revenue.


You can’t sell your product or service without a prospect. Let me find yours! I’m great at playing this marketing hide-and-seek – finding and nurturing those people out there who may not even realize they’re ready and turning them into sales. Using your marketing plan (see above), we’ll know what kind of people want and need your product and service. Knowing that, we’ll select the right tactics. More often than not, you’ll roll sevens – because I’ve loaded your dice. It all fits on one simple sheet. That’s where all your key channels, messaging and audience targets are. And you’ll know your metric for success. How do you win at chess? Checkmate. How do you win at marketing? Meet the people, sell the people, go collect their money.


Marketing is a little like a game of Clue – it’s the 18-34-year-olds online with digital advertising, or the 55+ women in print magazine with coupons. But first your prospects have to know who you are and what you stand for. That means finding the best way to convey that information instantly and powerfully. Your first impression is massively important. Your company logo, the typeface you use on your website and in your marketing collateral, where you advertise, what colors you use, what kind of people appear in your ads, and what you say on social media – your prospect sees this and forms an opinion about it. That often happens before the prospect knows he’s going to shop for your product or service. But when he does, he could be predisposed to yours – if you’ve done your branding job well. I’ll keep rolling doubles for you to get your prospects around the board and to your website or front door. And they’ll just hand over the money.

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